The Agent APIs for Bamboo allow full lifecycle management without manual intervention and provides critical features for stability and security.


Manage the desired version/state of many agentsMaintenance APIs
  • Uses security token instead of admin IDs
  • Provides target version as response
Maintain # or % of total build farm capacity during upgrades/maintenanceAgent Maintenance Config
  • Defines build farm state (STABLE, TARGET, or LATEST)
  • Defines max concurrent agents allowed to go offline for maintenance
Prevent agents going offline during buildsAgent State APIs
  • Uses security tokens instead of user IDs
  • Provides the enabled/disabled state and
  • Provides the Busy / Idle state to let any existing jobs complete
Eliminate need to expose sensitive admin credentialsSecurity Token APIs
  • Allow admins to create and manage tokens
  • Tokens required by all other calls
  • Permission levels distinguish read/change operations
Manage and cleanup agent specific capabilitiesCapabilities API
  • List all current capabilities
  • Remove all capabilities from an agent