User Guide


Chaperone API - central maintenance management for remote agents

  • Admin ConfigurationThe Bamboo admins have a central page to adjust a few critical settings that impact the state of the server farm.
  • Chaperone Permissions and ResponsesWith admin config set, agents may poll the permission endpoint. It is important client agents respect all the rules outlined here.
  • Remote agent scripts and use casesUpgrades occur in two separate steps, as agents may need restarts and other long running operations.


  • Access Token OperationsProvides APIs to create and manage the access tokens required for other APIs
  • Agent Capability API OperationsProvides endpoints to list and remove capabilities from agents. Includes a Remove All call useful for automated recycling and upgrades.
  • Agent State OperationsProvides API that report the running state of agents.
  • Maintenance OperationsAPIs to start and finish remote automation task that takes agents offline safely and ensures build farm capacity set in Admin Configuration