Agent Capability API Operations

Provides endpoints to list and remove capabilities from agents. Includes a Remove All call useful for automated recycling and upgrades. 


All operations on this page require valid Access Tokens see Access Token Operations for more information on creating tokens.

Only agent specific Capabilities are includes. Those defined as shared/server capabilities are ignored.

View Agent Capabilities READ

reports the agents name, ID, build status and enabled/disabled state.

GET /rest/agents/1.0/{ID}/capabilities?uuid={tokenId}   
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    "key": "system.builder.command.ssh",
    "value": "ssh"
    "key": "system.builder.mvn3.Maven 3.4",
    "value": "/opt/tools/Maven3.4/bin/mvn"

Delete Agent Capabilities CHANGE

Removes all agent specific capabilities from the bamboo definitions.  

DELETE /rest/agents/1.0/{agentId}/capabilities?uuid={tokenId}
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