Agent Apis for Bamboo


The best way to manage a large bamboo agent farm using docker, chef, or any process you rely on for upgrades.  Any maintenance process you have can be effectively and easily coordinated without risking cascading failures or manual intervention.

Designed for automation, this plugin includes the ability to manager security tokens with various access levels.

New Audit Feature available in 1.3


Users & Admins



Chaperone API - central maintenance management for remote agents

  • Admin ConfigurationThe Bamboo admins have a central page to adjust a few critical settings that impact the state of the server farm.
  • Chaperone Permissions and ResponsesWith admin config set, agents may poll the permission endpoint. It is important client agents respect all the rules outlined here.
  • Remote agent scripts and use casesUpgrades occur in two separate steps, as agents may need restarts and other long running operations.


  • Access Token OperationsProvides APIs to create and manage the access tokens required for other APIs
  • Agent Capability API OperationsProvides endpoints to list and remove capabilities from agents. Includes a Remove All call useful for automated recycling and upgrades.
  • Agent State OperationsProvides API that report the running state of agents.
  • Maintenance OperationsAPIs to start and finish remote automation task that takes agents offline safely and ensures build farm capacity set in Admin Configuration