Alternative Repository Triggers for Bamboo

Supports SVN repositories that house the projects for many builds plans in a simpler maintenance then the default offering.

Note, this addresses the concern raised in improvement that I decided to address now that Linked Repositories are the standard.


User commit code to their various projects under dedicated or shared repositories.

post-commit script can be replicated across all repositories without any updates. It passes the repository path to a single endpoint in bamboo.

That endpoint examines the path to fire any plans that:

  1. Are using a linked repository that matches the path
  2. have a "triggered by repository" trigger
  3. are using a sub-path with a newer revision (i.e. actually changed)

Installation / Usage

  1. Install plugin via UPM/Marketplace
  2. Customize and distribute the sample post-commit file to any SVN repositories with projects using Bamboo
    1. make sure the value passes in the json snippet is a substring of the repository path on the filesystem. see more
    2. save in ./hooks/post-commit and make sure it's executable (+x)
  3. Convert legacy repositories (plan level) to linked via the Config UI (this is the default for 5.6+)
  4. Never worry about updating the hooks again as teams divide, split, refactor, grow, evolve. The mapping is baked in!